Solar Panel Grants

When considering whether or not to invest in solar panels, the homeowner should remember that there are a variety of solar panel incentives and grants available to encourage increased reliance on solar energy. These range from incentives to reduce the cost of installations, to plans that allow the homeowner to earn money by selling surplus solar generated power back to their power provider.

The first method of assisting homeowners in purchasing solar panels is to reduce the cost of installation via solar panel grants from the government or local power companies. These can range from 0 percent APR loans to direct financial assistance for qualified buyers. This allows the homeowner to reduce the total cost, or avail him or herself of long-term loans to defray the cost of installing solar power systems.

However, the most exciting incentive is what is known as the feed-in tariff. This government and industry program actually pays the homeowner for the energy they produce. At the very least, feed-in tariffs reduce the energy costs of the household and during some periods of the year, they may actually allow the owner to collect money from the power company.

There are a large number of options for those seeking to install solar panels, which make these decisions not simply environmentally friendly, but economically sensible. For the wise homeowner, solar panel incentives and grants only add an economic argument to the environmental reasons for making use of solar power.