Green Tips for Those Moving Home

In recent years, environmental issues have been moved from our peripheral vision to be firmly placed in the centre of our eye line. There is increased importance on the responsibility that we all have to look after the planet that we live on in order to preserve it for our future generations, and that has changed the way many things are done. So whilst businesses work hard to cut their carbon footprints and find renewable resources; it is down to us to find ways in which we can also be green.

Moving home is always a stressful time and that’s without worrying about looking after the environment, however with just a little forethought you can save yourself a bit of money in the process by doing things the eco-friendly way.

Here are some great green tips to think about when you’re moving home.

Find Reusable Packing Materials

Cardboard boxes are great for packing all of your stuff into during your move but they aren’t the best materials when thinking about the environment. If you look around your home you may find that you already have many things that can double up as packing space. For example, your bed sheet and duvet cover could be used to carry clothes in, washing up bowls can carry all of your cutlery and kitchen utensils and any half-empty drawers can be filled with paperwork that you have lying around.

If you do require extra space to pack your belongings then it’s best to choose plastic boxes rather than cardboard ones as these can then be reused in the future.

Waste Not; Want Not

It’s inevitable that when you start trying to pack up everything you own you start to find things that you no longer need. Old clothes that have been in the loft for years, toys you haven’t played with since you were a child and things you thought you desperately needed but never even got round to taking them out of the packaging are all likely to make an appearance.

Instead of throwing these items straight into the bin, why not see if you can make any money back on them. Anything that you think is worth a bit of money can be taken to a car boot sale or sold on auction sites on the internet, and anything that you don’t think will sell can be taken to a charity shop.

There’s likely to be a large amount of paper waste as well as you find old school work and leaflets that you’ve held onto for some unknown reason. These should be disposed of responsibly and recycled wherever possible.

Limit The Number Of Trips You Make

When it comes to moving day, it is far more fuel efficient, and therefore better for the environment, if you manage to transport everything in one trip. The best way to do this is by hiring a reliable removals firm who have experience in packing their van so that everything fits without the need for a second journey. If you book your removals far enough in advance then you are sure to save yourself a bit on the price and you can relax in the knowledge that all your goods will be safely transported on the day.

If you are moving to a property close to your current one then you should try and resist the urge to fill up the car as many times as it takes and instead look to rope in a few extra pairs of hands and walk most of your belongings between properties.

Upgrade To Online Accounts

When you move home there is always a list about as long as your arm of all the people you need to inform of your new address. Amongst these are your bank and your utility providers and so whilst you are on the phone to these companies why not ask for your accounts to be changed to paperless billing. This is nearly always a free service and will mean that you no longer receive bills or statements through the post and can manage all of your activity online. This not only helps the environment by cutting down on paper but it will also save you time and make things easier to monitor.

Chris Mayhew likes to take an environmental approach to everything he does and this includes moving house. He would recommend Intransit Removals, the most reliable of Melksham removal companies he has used, to anyone looking to protect the environment by moving their stuff in one trip.