Energy Saving Jackets; What Are The Benefits?

Energy saving jackets can be a very cost effective investment and can be designed for all kinds of equipment found in both homes and businesses including; pipe-work, flanges, valves, boilers, generators and several more types of temperature sensitive equipment.

This article will look at the advantages of investing in energy saving jackets and how they can have an impact on a business or home.

The Role of the Economy

In this day and age, saving money is very important aspect for businesses and the public in general. This is due to the current poor economic state and therefore, many need to tighten their belts and watch every penny they spend

So where does this leave the economic future

Well, trends come and go, like one big cycle, like fashions, and the economy is no stranger to this cycle. Therefore, as history would suggest, the economy will recover, but perhaps due to the severity of the economic downturn, it could be a while before it gets back to “normal”. Once the economy starts to recover, the price of services and products for consumers will rise. Therefore, if businesses and home owners can afford to invest now in things like energy saving jackets and mats, they will undoubtedly benefit in the future.

Energy Saving Jackets

There are many advantages in regards to actual energy jackets, below are the main points.

Product benefits:

  1. Minimise buildings heat loss; an energy saving jacket can save ample amounts of energy that otherwise would be wasted, not only costing you, but also contributing to the issues that affect the environment.
  2. Thermal Transmissions Resistant; this creates a much safer working environment amongst employees and if necessary, the public.
  3. Work in high temperatures; the jackets and mats are able to protect even if temperatures get to 1200C and are therefore, highly effective.
  4. Protection against frost; external valves, flanges and pipes, in-particularly are vulnerable to freezing during the winter months, which can cause many problems and inconveniences for a business.
  5. Easily adjustable; energy insulation jackets can be easily removed and if needed re-fitted whenever required i.e. maintenance on pipe work etc.

Not only do they have great product benefits, but specialist product benefits, these are shown below.


Specialist product benefits:

Oil and spillages-resistant; oil and other fluids can cause havoc on equipment in the work place and therefore, the risk needs to be minimized.

Cover Changing Colour; if there is a leak in the pipe work for example, the cover will change colour and therefore, much easier to notice.

Waterproof; both the energy insulation jackets and mats are waterproof, meaning they are suitable for even the wettest days.

Things to consider

First and foremost hiring a skilled team should be your first priority before any equipment is installed. Professional teams should be able to manage the whole energy installation process from start to finish, aspects such as the design, engineering and fabrication requirements that need to be addressed thoroughly.

There are risks if you decide not to hire professionals to go through the process and therefore, businesses should not purchase or install an energy jacket as you could find yourself with problems that could have been avoided, which often means paying more than needed to rectify issues. When choosing which energy company to carry out the process, ask others if they know of a reputable company.


Energy insulation jackets and mats retain heat extremely well and dramatically reduce both your carbon emission levels, meaning that your energy bills will be reduced drastically and you will also be helping the environment. Energy jackets also have specialist product benefits that could be of great benefit to many businesses.

Fred, the author of this article is a professional energy consultant and understands the high impact that energy saving jackets could have if more businesses were to use them.