Five reasons to buy solar panels

If you're still on the fence about solar energy, don't be!

While the price of using other energy sources continues to go up, solar power is on a reverse trend. Demand is pushing down the cost, while technology is making solar energy sources, more efficient and requiring of less space to install. Read on to learn about the other ways that solar power can benefit your daily living.

  • Children and solar panelsIn just one hour there is more energy transmitted by the sun to the earth’s surface, than the entire world uses in a year. It’s the ultimate sustainable heat source and it’s not going away anytime soon.

  • Solar technology is getting cheaper and cheaper and this makes it more accessible. You can now find products for consumer goods to start sporting solar saving devices.

  • Incentive schemes in the UK, such as the FIT (feed in tariffs) allow you to receive cash back for any electricity that you generate using photovoltaic solar panels. That means that as well as generating power for your house or business, you can also reclaim any excess energy you produce in the form of a cash return.

  • It's a fact that the UK receives roughly half the sun’s energy that the equator sees, but as long as a solar panel installation is south facing (whether on a roof, in a garden or open terrain) there is plenty of energy available, even in the northernmost parts of the UK.
  • Switching over to solar power in whicheverr way you choose, goes some way to guaranteeing that for tomorrow's generation, there's still a planet earth that will last their lifetime, and that of their children.
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